Melanie Benson, Small Business Optimizer Presents...

The Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon:

How to Accelerate Your Results by Leveraging Other People's Time and Talent...Without Turning Into a Project Manager or Cash Strapping Your Business!

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On This Training Webinar, You’ll Discover...

  • 3 top reasons most entrepreneurs never achieve their biggest goals … and how the right kind of team will help you shatter these obstacles
  • Why outsourcing the way most entrepreneurs do it (and most experts teach it) practically guarantees that you’ll waste all of your newfound “free time” managing your vendors
  • 5 critical keys to building a “Dream Team” of contractors and/or employees who are get things done right and on time
  • What most entrepreneurs do wrong when delegating (if you’ve ever gotten frustrated and said “It’s easier and faster just to do it myself,” I guarantee that you’re making at least 1 of these 3 costly mistakes)
  • The truth about how to pay for the team you deserve … especially if you think “But I can’t afford to hire the help I need”
  • 5 warning signs you are “under-resourced” for the growth you are trying to achieve
  • How to identify the people you need so you avoid expensive and time-consuming hiring mistakes

melanie_150Presented by:
Melanie Benson
Profit Amplifier & Leadership Catalyst

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