Attention: Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners looking to get more done without working 60+ hour work weeks!

Are You Looking For a Proven Strategy to...

Expand Your Profits, Spend More Time Doing What You Love…and Accomplish More in a Week Than You Ever Dreamed Possible? Then You've Arrived in the Perfect Place!

The Power of the Virtual Team is the ultimate primer for hiring virtual assistants, contractors and virtual team members to help you grow your ideal business. In it, I’ll show you how to:

  • Expand your business results by handing-off task you never have time for
  • Delegate your activities someone else can do better, faster or cheaper
  • Capitalize on the lost opportunities in your business
  • Accomplish more goals in less time…

All without increasing your overwhelm or losing your creative freedom.

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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Are you tired of working all the time yet not making the kind of money you know you're capable of?

Do you wonder how those super-successful business owners get everything done and STILL have time for a life?

Do you have all of these ideas and no time to implement any of them?

If any of these sound like you, then I don't want you to feel bad. I want you to get excited. Because I have the answer – and it’s in my guidebook, The Power of the Virtual Team.

It’s all in my power-packed 57-page guidebook guaranteed to kick-start your delegating process and get you into the 80-20 zone—where 20% of your efforts generate 80% of your results.

Delegating to a virtual team is the secret I’ve used to catapult my revenue while creating more time for what’s really important (there’s nothing like being able to take off Fridays guilt-free!) But before you get the wrong idea, hiring a virtual team does not mean you are adding more work to your plate. In fact, it will take more work off your plate than you ever imagined.

Creating a highly focused and specialized “dream team” is what gives entrepreneurs the power to leverage their strengths into profits. And when it comes to building a business built around YOUR lifestyle, it’s the ultimate key to success.

The Power of the Virtual Team guidebook covers all kinds of subjects crucial to finding and hiring the right people for your virtual team—including how pay for the support team you REALLY need (not just the one you think you can afford.)

I’ve included some of my tips from some of the visionary business leaders in my community like Alexandria Brown and Alex Mandossion, who helped to pioneer the revolutionary “virtual assistant” business model. PLUS I've put them alongside the systems and insights I’ve helped to pioneer myself—and used to coach hundreds of entrepreneurs through to new levels of wealth and success.

Here's what a few entrepreneurs have to say about The Power of the Virtual Team:

In the two months since purchasing Melanie’s Virtual Team Building products and devouring them, my business has transformed. I gave up doing everything myself, which was getting me nowhere fast! I'm focused on activities that I never dreamed I would actual get to, I'm coaching some of the top trainers and coaches in the industry and I'm on track for my best financial year ever!

Lisa Sasevich
Lisa Sasevich Sales Conversion Specialist

By following the Virtual Team Building program we've already added 10-15% to our consistent monthly gross revenue without even trying - it just "magically appeared.

Adam Hommey
Adam Hommey The Website Surgeon

The Power of the Virtual Team will provide you with the concepts, systems and processes you need to start getting more done by delegating to a world-class support people right now—with nothing more than the resources you already have on hand.

In this guidebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify your real high pay-off activities — and delegate the rest.
  • How to hire the best person for the right job (this is CRUCIAL to the success of your virtual team.)
  • How to exponentially increase your revenue through outsourcing — in three easy steps.
  • How to keep from re-inventing the wheel and wasting valuable time and money with clear systems and processes.
  • How to keep your support team accountable and on-track — without getting bogged down into becoming a manager.
Alan McKenna

Melanie is my go-to when it comes to business structure, freeing my time and leveraging revenue growth.

I hired an operations manager who began taking away tasks from me that were consuming space in my head as well as my time  - this new team member even started to find pockets of money that were outstanding that i had overlooked plus she took charge on collecting a large sum of money that had been outstanding for almost a year (that had been on my mind too)

Thank you Melanie you're a rockstar!

Alan McKenna, 7 Figure Sales Funnel Strategist

You’ll also discover some of the most common mindset mistakes that keep entrepreneurs from succeeding with a team, and how to overcome them. (This last part is a HUGE key to breaking free into your power zone—that place where you’re doing your genius work and actually leading your business, rather than letting it lead you.)

It might seem like commonsense that you can’t break through to wealth and success doing everything yourself. But you’d be amazed at how many entrepreneurs do just that, and become the bottleneck to greatness by getting in their own way.

Any one of the insights contained in The Power of the Virtual Team are worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars to anyone who’s ready to follow in the footsteps of some seriously successful entrepreneurs.

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Remember, this is a multi-million dollar Exponential Profit Explosion Business Strategy designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to free up time while getting more done, condensed into a 57 page guidebook. The Power of the Virtual Team is a hugely cost-effective investment not only in your business, but in your sanity.

If you are concerned about “how to pay” for a support team, don’t let that keep you from taking advantage of this valuable resource. When I hired my first virtual assistant I couldn’t afford them. But I also couldn’t afford NOT to get help. Within 9 months I catapulted out of my $1,500 a month service-based business trap into making 6 figures -- all because of what my virtual assistant helped me accomplish.

If I’d waited till I could afford help, I’d never have achieved my goals and dreams. I promise you’ll discover insights to get the help you really need in my Power of the Virtual Team Guidebook.

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