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Attention: Entrepreneurs, Small-Business Owners, Online Marketers and Service Professionals Who Are Stretched to the Breaking Point Trying to Get It All Done in Their Businesses…

“Who Else Wants to Get 10 Times the Work Done in Half the Time (So You Can Finally Focus on Growing Your Business) … But Dreads the Idea of Building a Team Because of How Much Time and Hassle It Takes to Manage People?”

Discover the Real Secret to Building a “Dream Team” of Self-Starters who Play at the Work You Hate … So You Have More Time to Devote to Pursuing New Opportunities, Do Only the Things You Love, and Multiply Your Revenue 2-4X in the Process

(Hint: The Hiring and Delegation System You Use Will Either Free You From Your Business and Allow You to Step Up to Be an Industry Leader … or Guarantee a Life Sentence of Overwhelm, Frustration and Unrealized Potential)


FR: Melanie Benson America’s Leading Small Business Optimizer
RE: Freeing Up 10 Hours a Week to Focus on Big Opportunities

Dear Visionary Entrepreneur, Thought Leader and High Achiever…

“I know I could be a leader in my industry and take my business to the next level … if only it weren’t for my everything I have to do in my business!”

I hear some version of this statement several times every week. It sounds funny at first, but I completely understand…

Because when you’re busy running your own business, most of the time you can barely catch your breath. You have too much on your plate making sure everything important gets done … too many people and projects to track … and too many fires to put out.

Carving out time for a day off is challenging enough. Regularly finding the time, energy and mental space to do the important planning and leadership work it takes to set your vision and create a plan for achieving big goals? Forget it! It’s “Mission: Impossible” for most entrepreneurs.

That’s why I’m so excited that you made it to this page…

Not only is it absolutely possible to create 10 or more hours a week to focus on new opportunities while also devoting most of your time playing in your “genius zone”…

… it’s relatively quick and easy to do, thanks to what I’m about to share.

The secret is building a team.

But not just any team. What you need is a “Dream Team” – people who absolutely rock at what they do and are so self-motivated you can delegate to them and never worry about the job getting done – to take care of business while you pursue and live your dreams.

Best of all, I can show you how to build your team in as little as 10 weeks.

That’s because through 14 years of hard work, intensive study and sometimes-painful trial-and-error, I’ve distilled the entire process of finding, training and delegating to your dream team down to a step-by-step, paint-by-the-numbers system. (If you can read and follow a recipe in a cookbook, I promise – you can make this program work for you.)

I Used to Be a Stressed Out, Overworked,
“Wear All the Hats” Business Owner, Too

Hi, I’m Melanie Benson. Like you, I used to be imprisoned in my business … working around the clock, skipping fun events with my family and friend so I could finish projects, and neglecting my physical, mental and spiritual health in favor of taking care of business.

I wore all the hats in my company … from bookkeeper to marketing director to office manager to product shipment clerk.

But I wasn’t doing the things that I loved and excelled at the most, like developing new training programs, coaching clients, and building new connections. Instead, I filled my days with activities that were absolutely necessary to get done … but total time-sucks, like:

  • Setting up my shopping cart with auto-responders, affiliate tracking links and all kinds of other “essential” items
  • Posting to my blog for the best SEO
  • Managing all my emails and phone calls
  • Keeping my financial books up-to-date
  • Writing sales copy and marketing collateral pieces
  • Chasing down clients to get appointments set

And did I mention that I spent thousands of dollars and literally weeks of time learning how to do these things the “right” way?

But that all changed many years ago…

That’s when I hit rock bottom.

Burned out mentally, physically and emotionally, I teetered on the precipice of a nervous breakdown. I realized that I HAD to do something differently. There was simply no way I could keep pushing everything forward myself.

I was exhausted. Revenue was stagnant. I was watching from the sidelines as my colleagues passed me up … passing the half-million-dollar mark, then the million-dollar mark, and then becoming multi-millionaires.

Meanwhile I was struggling to break the 6-figure mark … and I was beginning to doubt myself more and more. I was beginning to wonder whether I had what it took to be a successful entrepreneur (not just successfully self-employed). And I was beginning to wonder if it wouldn’t just be easier to go back and get a job.

When I look back now, I recognize that I had passed what I call…

The Point of Diminishing Return

It’s a shockingly common issue in the entrepreneurial world. Many of us have the (mistaken) idea that we’ll save time and money by bootstrapping our growth and doing everything ourselves.

But here’s the thing…

When you’re doing everything … it’s practically guaranteed that you’re not spending enough time doing the right things, like:

  • Doing the things that you do best and are most passionate about (for me, it’s coaching people and developing new programs … but for you it might be writing your next book, meeting with a prospect to complete the sale or speaking at industry events.
  • Seeking new opportunities to take your business to the next level. Depending on where your business is now, these opportunities might be finding joint ventures partners, writing a book, securing speaking engagements or landing bigger clients – you know, all the things you tell yourself that you’ll get to “someday.” (The only problem? That day never comes because you’re too busy treading water in your business.)
  • Leading your company. As Michael Gerber so eloquently explained in The E-Myth, you can play one of 3 roles in your business: technician, manager or entrepreneur (what I call the “leader”). You’re familiar with the technician role – that’s when you’re in the trenches, getting daily tasks done. Managing is a slight improvement, but you’re still too involved in the daily operations (I view it as being a glorified babysitter, constantly nagging people to do their jobs – no thanks!) But leaders are in a different class. This is when you spend the bulk of your time setting your company’s vision – and then steering it toward your goals. Not surprisingly, if you’re bogged down in managing people or doing technician’s work, you don’t have time to truly lead.
  • Rising to be a respected and much-followed leader in your industry. You want to make an impact on the world – and that means becoming known as a leader in your industry. But when you’re bogged down in the day-to-day grind of keeping your business running, you simply don’t have the time to develop your programs, hone your message, and build the important relationships that will connect you to your audience.

Think about people who are household names – like Steve Jobs, Martha Stewart, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates. I promise you, there is simply no way they could have risen to the level they did if they didn’t build a team to execute their ideas. Industry leaders spend their time on the cutting edge, innovating and testing new ideas, strategies and tactics. If you want to take your rightful place as a person to watch in your field, you need to build your team.

The bottom line is … doing it all yourself is hands-down the best way to guarantee that you will ALWAYS stay exactly where you are right now.

I learned all this the hard way. Eleven years ago, when I was close to a nervous breakdown from all the stress of trying to get ahead, I had an ah-ha moment.

I took a look around at what other business owners were doing differently to leap forward (when I was barely crawling) and I realized…

They had other people doing at least 50% of
their marketing and business operations!

How these entrepreneurs built their teams varied wildly.

Some business owners hired employees. They liked being able to work face-to-face with their team members. Sometimes, based on the nature of the work they do, they found it was absolutely necessary for everyone to be in the same office. (Think about a dental practice. There’s no way you could have a virtual hygienist, right?)

Other entrepreneurs opted to build a virtual team instead. They either didn’t need to have face-to-face interaction with their team members (phone and email work just fine, thank you very much) or they preferred to keep their own home or office space private.

Still others found that a mix of virtual and “real” team members is the perfect recipe.

The hiring arrangements also varied. For some entrepreneurs, hiring employees was the way to go. For others, it made more sense to contract with vendors. (That way, you pay only when they’re working.)

During Build Your Dream Team, I show you how to figure how what type of team you need to build based on your business vision, your needs, and your personality.

The bottom line, though, is that you’re following in the footsteps of highly successful entrepreneurs and … building a team.

And what do these team members do? Everything you have NO BUSINESS DOING so you can focus on your brilliance. When you start delegating more effectively, you farm out the jobs you don’t like doing or aren’t good at to someone who IS good at it and LIKES doing it.

The best part? Everyone is doing the jobs they’re passionate about (including YOU)!

This is when I really wanted to slap my forehead. You see, although I knew that delegating some of my workload should free up my time … I realized that I had been struggling to make the leap.

Which Of These Reasons Keeps You From
Hiring People to Help in Your Business?

You’ve probably already had the realization that you need help. For me, it showed up when I’d be eyeball-deep in some menial task. A frustrated voice in my head would shout “I shouldn’t be doing this!” But I’d quickly silence that voice with a litany of excuses. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “I can’t afford to hire someone.” I didn’t think I would afford it. Some months, cash flow was tight and it was a pinch to pay the bills. I didn’t see how I could spare funds to pay someone. And I sure didn’t want the stress and crushing responsibility of making payroll (it would have killed me to not be able to pay someone who had done work for me).
  • “I don’t want to spend my time managing people.” In the past, I’d had great success building teams (it’s what I did in the corporate world before I decided to strike out on my own). But I’d also had some bad experiences when hiring people for my own business … and it made me gun-shy about delegating. I didn’t want to turn into a paid babysitter who did nothing but follow up and make sure other people did their jobs.
  • “I don’t have time to train people.” I was too doggone busy and maxed out already. I didn’t see how I could find extra hours in my week to teach someone how to do the work I was already doing.
  • “It’s easier just to do it myself.” After a few bad hires (and needing to find extra time to fix their mistakes), I had fallen into thinking that it was just easier to do it myself. I knew deep down that delegation should free up my time … but I figured that it would also require more of my time. Rather than spending hours managing people, I opted to just spend those hours doing the work myself.

Well, 8 years ago, the light bulb finally went off. I realized I absolutely had to figure out a way to let go of this inner gunk and just build a team.

That’s when I had a second big “ah-ha” — not only did I KNOW how to build a team but it was a passion of mine! (You see, when I had my corporate job that was what I did. I built and managed highly effective teams. And that was what I most loved about my job!)

So I set out to build a great team…and I learned a lot along the way, too. (Turns out building a team for my own business was a little bit different than doing it for my employer.)

My first experience was awesome. I hired an amazing virtual assistant who did everything for me, and I quickly doubled my revenue into the low six-figures. Plus I was able to start re-investing my time into more lucrative ventures like group coaching programs and higher fee based consulting.

This worked so well I hired two more people. One specialized in online marketing, and the other who managed all my bookkeeping.

Then something happened. After 2 years, my original team developed other interests and moved on. I had to hire new people … and I didn’t do as great of a job hiring the second time. As a matter of fact, I had a couple of massive nightmares. (That’s when I learned was that my “gut-hire” method wouldn’t consistently deliver amazing performers.)

So I do what I do best…I turned to my colleagues and other experts who had a proven track record of hiring top-performing team members.

I invested thousands of dollars and countless hours uncovering the best strategies to virtually guarantee that I always hired and kept the most talented support teams on the planet. My personal results with this system not only saved me tons of frustration and wasted time and money hiring the wrong support teams … but I realized that it was a gold-mine of resources for other business owners, too.

And now I’m going to share every detail with you…

“…a 76% increase in revenue!”

“With the Build Your Dream Team system I have DOUBLED my time for high payoff activities which led to a 36% increase in revenue in the last 6 months. And I expect to increase my revenue by an additional 40% within the next 6 months. That’s a 76% increase in revenue!”

Shannon Cherry
Cherry Communications

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Build Your Own “Dream Team” in as Little as 10
Weeks (I’ve Done All the Hard Work for You!)

During my newly updated Build Your Dream Team Program, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the time-tested delegation system it’s taken me 15 years to perfect.

Each week, I’ll teach you a key component of finding, hiring and delegating to your customized “dream team.” Then I’ll give you templates, tools, scripts and more to help you quickly and easily implement what you’ve learned.

Let me hold your hand as we walk through the process together … and in as little as 10 weeks, you could have your very own team of 5-star players in place to free up 10 or more hours of your time each week.

This program has produced HUGE RESULTS for people over the last few years. It’s truly one of the most cost-effective and proven business-expanding resources that exists in the market today.


Because there is not a single marketing or growth strategy that you can achieve alone and get fast results. But the faster you learn how to delegate these techniques to other people – people are better, speedier or cheaper than you – the faster you’ll see your bank account multiply!

Where Are You Wasting Your Time?

I’d like you to do something right now. Make a list of all the little things that get you tied up every day, like:

  • Doing your own bookkeeping (and you’re not a bookkeeper)?
  • Maintaining your own website (and you’re not a web guru)?
  • Creating your own marketing materials (and you’re not a copywriter, marketing consultant or graphic designer)?
  • Doing your own customer service, scheduling and correspondence (and you’re not a virtual assistant)?
  • Plotting out product launch plans (and you’re not very good with deadlines and timing)?
  • Doing follow-up phone calls, emails and thank-you cards (like … there’s a stack of business cards on your desk even now)?
  • Tracking down late payments (when you could be focused on generating new business!)
  • Or anything else you could easily outsource?

We call tasks like these the ones that “pull you down into the weeds.” Do they help you make money? No.

Now think of some of the bigger things that you really don’t know much about but you’re still doing because you don’t want to hire someone. Does this make you money or cost you money?

Now think about this. You’ve only got two hands. And you’re one person. (Unless you’ve figured out how to clone yourself.)

So how can you grow your business without adding any more stress to your already maxed out workday?

Simple: Build a team.

You’ve got the ideas, you’ve got the drive, you’ve got something really great to sell…and you’re so consumed with the small stuff you can’t put any of it into action.

Frustrating? You bet it is. Not too long ago, I was going down that bumpy road myself. But creating a team not only saved my business …changed my life.

Entrepreneurs, how many times do you find yourself at the end of the day with only one item checked on your to-do list? Probably more than you’d like. But here’s a newsflash.

You don’t have to be the only one checking off the items on your list!

In Build Your Dream Team, you’ll discover how to find, hire and delegate to people who love and excel at these tasks … freeing up all the time you’re wasting on these chores to instead focus on the things you love, will produce the most revenue, and will expand your business to the next level.

I’ll take you step by step through my time-tested proven systems and strategies for creating a stream-lined, mistake-proof, super-responsible, trustworthy support team. It’s a blueprint you can use to make your business just as successful as the top grossing businesses on the planet.



“…saved me thousands of dollars in wasted productivity”

After just the first week, I discovered a MASSIVE obstacle I wasn’t even aware of and was the cause of some problems I was experiencing with my team.”

Michele Pariza Wacek,
Your $Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist

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Your Life Will Transform with
a Dream Team in Place

You’ll hardly be able to believe how productive, fun and easy life becomes when you have the right people in place to support you and help your business grow…

My business is now very successful, consistently generating revenue in the high six figures every year – and I’m working less than I’ve ever worked in my life. It’s very common for me to have 30-hour workweeks, and I routinely take 3- or 4-day weekends.

I have the money and time to:

  • Accomplish big goals quickly. Having a great support team means not having to say NO to the right opportunities. With others to help get projects done quickly I can accomplish more in a week than most people do in a year.
  • Pursue my greater passion in life. The money is great, but it’s what I can DO WITH MY MONEY that really gets me excited. Because my team helps me accomplish so much of the day-to-day operations, I can focus on creating programs that help entrepreneurs on a much bigger level. I wake every morning eager to jump out of bed because my focus is on more than just running a business, it’s on MAKING A DIFFERENCE.
  • Take time off when I want to – in fact, I typically work only 3-4 days a week while I recharge, take care of my energy (I work out 3 – 4 times a week, do yoga, frequent the best spas and eat really healthy) and have time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.
  • Have space to create new stuff. I make a habit of taking time AWAY from the business so I have the mental stamina to create highly sought after programs for my ideal clients. I’m so much more effective when I have a lot of bandwidth…do you have that kind of bandwidth?

Creating that kind of balance has allowed me to give 100% to each area of my life that is important to me. No more telling my family and friends, “Sorry, I have to get this project done. Maybe next time”! No more feeling guilty about taking time away from my business to take care of myself. And this formula has given me that!

Having a dream team means I can go to Hawaii for 2 ½ weeks and not pick up the phone or check email…and I’m still making money. This trip to Kona, Hawaii, with my clients included a day of kayaking, snorkeling, and having these amazing dolphins play right in front of us. I’d never be able to enjoy this magical experience if I was chained to my desk having to do everything alone!

It also means I can focus my working time on the activities that ONLY I can do — speaking, coaching, and leading my team to help me accomplish our big goals.

Most importantly, I have a business I love … and that feels effortless. I work less than 40 hours a week, take most Friday’s off, and have the ability to take time away to spend time with family and friends.


My team was able to run my business … without me!

“After taking Melanie’s Build Your Dream Team program, I was able to grow into 6 figures AND take time off when my baby was born.”

Jessica Rhodes,
Interview Connections

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Is This Right For You?

Build Your Dream Team is perfect for any entrepreneur who is frustrated and tired of wasting time doing things that aren’t your core genius, like consultants, coaches, service-based business owners, real estate professionals, trainers, professional organizers, information marketers, project managers, attorneys, health specialists – any entrepreneur who wants to exponentially grow their revenues without increasing their work load.

Maybe you’re trying to do everything yourself. Or maybe you have some support in place … but you feel like you’re spending just as much time managing the team as you used to spend doing the work yourself. Either way, Build Your Dream Team will help.

Here are some common signs that you’re more than ready for the transformation this easy-to-follow system will provide:

You’re too busy in the office to get out and make money.
You’re working 60 hours a week (or more) just to get by.
You start projects that never go anywhere because you don’t have time to follow through.
You know you can’t grow or achieve that big vision because you don’t have the right people — or enough support — to pull it off!
You know you need more help, but you don’t think you can afford it.
You can barely keep up with the work you have, so you can’t see how you could slow down enough to train someone else to do it for you.
You’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and pretty sure that you’re leaving tons of moneymaking opportunities on the table.
You dread the idea of adding people to your team because you hate managing people.
Mistakes, breakdowns and customer service issues are plaguing you because your current team members (or you) are too overwhelmed to keep up.
You’ve said no or completely missed out on opportunities because you didn’t have the bandwidth or time to say yes.

Most successful people know they would NOT be where they are today without the support of key people. Having a team actually helps you position yourself to achieve your goals… better than if you were alone!

Just think about how much more you could accomplish if – rather than executing your ideas yourself – you could keep your rapid-fire brain coming up with game-changing innovations … and then turn them over to a team of superstars to carry them out.

You’ll Discover How to Steer Clear of the Biggest
Pitfalls that Make Entrepreneurs Fear and Resist Delegation

You might be feeling some resistance to the idea of building a team. What I’ve discovered is that this wariness usually can be traced back to a bad hiring or outsourcing experience in your past.

Have you ever…

  • Hired an under-performer in a desperate moment just to fill a spot because you didn’t have the time or the patience to go through the whole screening process?
  • Brought someone on out of obligation (you know, like a family member or friend) only to later dread working with them…and feeling stuck with your decision?
  • Been guilty of under-delegating – and ended up doing the exact same tasks you hired someone else to do for you?


Unfortunately, these types of bad experiences are pretty common. And it’s not that delegation itself is bad. It’s that the delegation system being used is faulty.

Obviously, I’m not the only person who teaches delegation.

But there’s a huge difference between my Build Your Dream Teach system and what you’ve learned up until now about how to delegate.

Most programs I’ve seen advise you to outsource work to vendors as cheaply as possible. The thought is that the less you pay others, the less it will cost you…

But if you’ve ever tried this approach, you know that … it actually costs you a fortune!

Sure, you save a little bit of time by not doing the work you’ve outsourced. But quite often, you have to nag and constantly follow up with vendors to ensure that the work is getting done (so now you’re spending time managing people … and you’re still not focused on your genius work).

Worst case, the vendor makes mistakes or seriously under-performs … and you end up having to do the work yourself anyway. Only now you’re behind schedule, and you’re still not getting your most important tasks done.

What successful entrepreneurs with long-term sustainable businesses consistently find is …

You get what you pay for.

If you want the job done right with minimal supervision from you, it pays to hire the best vendors for you. Your business will become more profitable – and your sanity will be protected.

Other programs advise starting with hiring a virtual assistant (VA)…

But a VA may not be the right solution for you.

The type of roles you need to fill – and the type of people you want in the roles – varies wildly depending on what your ultimate vision is. Building a team is simply not a “one size fits all” solution.

During Build Your Dream Team, I’ll walk you through a set of exercises to help you figure out exactly what type of help you need. Then I’ll teach you how to figure out the type of people and personalities YOU need in the roles to make your team work.

Tip: If you’ve ever wished, “If only I could hire someone just like me,” beware! Hiring someone who is just like you is usually not the right solution. Although it may feel right at first, it usually results in inefficiency, wasted time and lost revenue. During Build Your Dream Team, I’ll explain why this is … and how to ensure that your team is well-balanced and providing exactly what you need to feel comfortable and ensure that the work is getting done.


“…from low 6 figures to $1.7 million in 18 months”

“I went from working 80 hours a week to under a 40-Hour Workweek!”

Michele Dekinder-Smith
Founder & President Linkage Research &

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How much of a difference can it make? Let me tell you…

Once I put my Dream Team into place, I could finally:

  • Produce regular communication to my prospects … without spending hours writing
  • Consistently drive buying traffic to my lead-generating teleclasses
  • Get all of my blog posts and articles submitted regularly to boost my search engine rankings
  • Have video and audio podcasts created FOR ME without lifting a finger
  • Leverage my assistant to attract the best speaking opportunities and teleclasses
  • Repurpose tons of my already created products to generate high quality leads
  • Keep my focus on high payoff activities while my assistant handles routine emails and phone calls
  • Create a four day work week lifestyle business that freed me up for my personal passions
  • And much, much more

The result? My first team helped my business revenue grow exponentially (in 9 months my revenues skyrocketed from $1,500/month to over six figures) … and I cut back my workweek by 12 hours!

Best of all, because I had put together the right team of talented people who were empowered to take ownership of their responsibilities, I didn’t have to clog up my days following up and making sure they were doing their assignments. I was free to focus on making my dreams come to life.

During Build Your Dream Team, I’ll show you exactly how to do it yourself…



“…added 2 assistants without spending more”

“Thanks to the program I was able to add 2 more assistants to my team without increasing the money I was already spending each month!”

Kendall Summerhawk
The “Horse Whisperer” for Business

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You’ll Discover and Practice How to Delegate Masterfully (If You Hate Having to Hunt Down Deliverables and Babysit Your People… You Can’t Afford to Miss This Section)

Lots of people think that delegation is about getting more done. Although this is true to some extent, the real benefit and purpose of delegation is …

Freeing your time and energy so you can focus on opportunities.

The real reason that your business isn’t growing is NOT that you’re not getting enough done. It’s that your time isn’t being spent in the right place…

And the single most important place you must invest your time if you are an entrepreneur and you want to build a growing, thriving, sustainable business is opportunities.

Opportunities to develop new products, find new joint ventures partners, uncover new places to promote your products and services, get your message out into the world, expand your knowledge and skills – these are the critical areas where successful entrepreneurs spend the bulk of their time.

You may not even be aware of these opportunities anymore if you’re too bogged down in your business – whether that means you’re trying to do everything yourself or even if you’re supervising everyone on your team.

To really get your business to the next level – and free yourself up to achieve your potential, create your dream life and earn unlimited income – you must lead. You must focus your time on finding and pursuing opportunities that will lead your business higher and higher … and leave the implementation to the team I’ll show you how to build.

Stepping into space of leadership (vs. just managing your team) is when owning and running a business turns magical. Once you own the leadership space, you’ll begin to:

  • Attract bigger and better opportunities – and actually take action on them
  • Watch revenue grow exponentially
  • Reach a bigger segment of your target market … and easily build an awesome reputation
  • Generate more leads – and more qualified prospects
  • Experience more joy and satisfaction in your work
  • Feel pride about creating a company where other people can live their passions (and earn a great living too)
  • Spend more of your time living your passions … and have more fun at work
  • Recognize that your opportunities to grow and expand are truly limitless.

Sound good? Then lock in your spot now.

Enroll Now »

Master a Step-by-Step Process to Find, Hire, Delegate and Manage

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll be able to do when you complete Build Your Dream Team:

  • Know the 5 key points to look for in a team member so you choose the best people for the RIGHT role. (Miss these and it could cost you not just big bucks but also wasted time!)
  • Master my sure-fire ways to lead your team so tasks get done quickly and correctly even if you aren’t there to watch them!
  • Understand where to find your team members. We’ll share both conventional AND unconventional methods to discover those gems – no matter what your budget is!
  • Use our proven rapid ramp up system with your new support staff to minimize the dreaded “learning curve” and maximize your ROI quickly by identifying your missing cash flow opportunities.
  • Know our simple financial formula to identify what you should outsource and what you should keep to strengthen cash flow.
  • Adopt the CRITICAL mind-set shift you must have to embody to enjoy a productive team – while you give up “control freak” forever!
  • Conquer the deceptive “low payoff” distractions and stay focused on the “high payoff” so your business can grow exponentially without you spending hours and hours working “in” the business.
  • Leverage your time and money by focusing on hiring versus losing too many hours crafting your role descriptions and figuring out how to train people from scratch (hint: I’ll be GIVING you thousands of dollars’ worth of plug-and-play templates.).
  • And so much more …

Take a look at what we’ll cover each class…

Class #1: Uncovering Your Unique Liberation Formula

  • Define your hiring criteria so every person you outsource or delegate to is a perfect fit for your team
  • Clearly identify your real high-payoff activities so you delegate the most profitable tasks first
  • How to create your clear “lifestyle” vision so you hire the right kind of team to free you up
  • Identify your team-building drivers and hidden motivations that could sabotage your delegation efforts


Class #2: Design Your Dream Team Roles

  • Learn how to bundle your most profitable tasks to outsource into “roles” that are easy to delegate
  • Get clear on what type of person you need for each specific activity – and how to avoid the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person for the job
  • Implement “role descriptions” using our expansive cut-and-paste library to short-cut your path to the best person for the work (and eliminate those pesky start-up misunderstandings!)
  • Create Your Ideal Candidate Profile so you know EXACTLY who to look for (and who to steer away from) during the interview process


Class #3: Funding Your High Payoff Team

  • Create your Return on Investment Strategy so you can easily invest in your new team (no matter what your budget, you’ll see how you can EASILY get your team in place)
  • Discover the key to balancing administrative support with revenue-generating players on your team, so you end up with a team that gives you the support you need WITHOUT costing you a small fortune
  • Uncover the formula for hiring the right level of expertise (a.k.a., fee-based expert) for the right jobs (no more guesswork with $100/hour contractors when you need a $10/hour assistant)
  • Discover insider tips on when and how to use performance-based payment strategies (this is a cool tip to keep your budget on track!)


Class #4: Find Your Dream Team

  • The top 3 red flags you MUST know before hiring to avoid a costly mistake
  • Our insider stash of the top referral sources for virtual assistants, contractors and experts of all kind. (This one alone will shave off a minimum of 10 – 15 hours in Internet research alone!)
  • How to know when to use recruiting sites and listing services (and which ones to use) for hiring team members, contractors and virtual assistants (each has a unique purpose and attracts different calibers of talent)
  • Learn the secret to identifying the stand out talent from the “snow job” who is just focused on just making money


Class #5: Mistake-Proof Hiring

  • Uncover common hiring mistakes that can sabotage your efforts and waste your money (miss this one and all of your delegation efforts will be in vain!)
  • How to avoid the “gut-hire method” – which has a 95% failure rate – with my “3 Step Check.” (Follow these steps and you’ll easily avoid the hiring trap that most entrepreneurs make)
  • Stealth interview questions that help the “A” players stand out (and quickly eliminate everyone else)



“I almost gave up on leveraging a team — then I found Melanie’s program!”

“Following Melanie’s process I now have an outstanding team!”

Dr. Raynette C. Ilg N.D.-
Olive Branch Wellness Center Inc.

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Class #6: Training Shortcuts

  • Learn a simple but highly effective training process that will eliminate that slow and arduous ramp up process (and save your sanity, too!)
  • The “5 Focus Fundamentals” that every business owner must cover in the training process (missing even ONE of these practically guarantees that your new team member will under-perform)
  • Invaluable leverage techniques to cut down on your personal training time so you can stay focused on your highest pay-off opportunities – and still get fast results out of your team


“No Better Training Out There!”

“Before signing up for the Build Your Dream Team, I had no idea how to hire for the right team, let alone a virtual one.”

Chen Yen
“Double My Practice” Mentor

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Class #7: Master Delegation Profitability

  • Learn the “On-Time Results” model — virtually guarantee that every task is done the way YOU want, on-time, the first time
  • A simple technique to transform any team breakdown into instant growth for your bottom line
  • How to stay on top of your team’s results without being a micro-manager


Class #8: Automate and Streamline Operations

  • Learn the core business operations technology that will keep your team on track so you always know how’s doing what (and how much it’s going to cost you)
  • Identify your top three systems to eliminate guesswork, costly mistakes and ensure your projects are done right the first time (plus, I’m throwing in a ton of my own systems to help you out!)
  • Discover how easy it is to hand off routine tasks to a machine that saves you thousands of dollars of wasted man-time and money


Class #9: Distraction-Proof Leadership Techniques

  • Tap into the power of being a leader vs. a manager (you learn how slipping into manager mode can sabotage your dream team – and your results.)
  • Discover why you fall back into bad habits and end up managing “monkeys” instead of accelerating your growth.
  • How to avoid “death by meetings” while keeping your connection strong with your team.


Class #10: The Art of Letting Go

  • My proven 4-Step Team Success Formula that helps you proactively detect team issues…before they become problematic.
  • How you know it’s time to make changes in your team (before they get overwhelmed and combust, or worse yet, quit on you).
  • A must-know warning sign that it’s time to let someone go (before they take you down with their sinking ship!)

As “Done For You” As It Can Get
(Without Me Showing Up at Your Office)

The Build Your Dream Team Coaching Program delivers everything you need to quickly and easily identify who you need on your team, find the perfect people, and delegate masterfully. You’ll receive:

10 information-packed online trainings taught by me, Melanie Benson, America’s Leading Profit Amplifier

You’ll get access to all 10 of the 75-minute webinar in the private members area. Each lesson is jam-packed with my hard-won lessons – the pitfalls to avoid (and how), practical strategies, time-saving tips, and step-by-step implementation plans. You can watch the lessons online whenever it’s most convenient for you – early in the morning, late at night, even in 15-minute segments during your lunch breaks.

(You’ll have access to your first lesson as soon as you enroll!)


Toolkit of Done-For-You Templates, Checklists, Worksheets and Scripts

To make it super-simple for you to take action and build your team quickly, I’m giving you more than $10,000 of templates, checklists, worksheets and scripts including sample interview questions, role description templates and even a starter Operational Guide you can customize for your business. Go through the exercises, fill in the blanks, and then use the results to identify, find, hire and delegate to your own team of superstars.


Bonus Resource#1: Hiring “A” Players Session

In this bonus session, four industry leaders share their tips to finding the best talent while answering your questions while YOU are in the hiring process (hint: this one call will help you make better choices and learn how other business owners find good talent).


Bonus Session#2: Optimize to Accelerate: How to Grow Your Business Faster

In this bonus session, I’ll guide you through a process to identify all of the areas of your business that are “leaking” power or profits. We’ll identify any bottlenecks that could be derailing your growth. This module includes a self-assessment to help you quickly identify how much influence and profit you are positioned for!


Bonus #3: Lifetime Access to the Build Your Dream Team Resource Center

In this online, members-only resource center, you’ll find your training videos, recordings of the Q&A calls, bonuses, and all of the templates, checklists, scripts and worksheets you need to put your team-building plan into action. You’ll have unlimited access to these materials – and you’ll use them for years to come.


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“…wish I had these tools when I started
out as an entrepreneur 15 years ago!”

“Melanie, your coaching program is invaluable! You brought up several points I hadn’t considered about looking for my first outsourced team member. In fact, I’m very impressed with the entire Build Your Dream Team class — wish I had these kinds of tools when I started out as an entrepreneur 15 years ago!”

Marlys Arnold
Author of Build a Better Trade Show Image

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I’ve Coached Thousands of Entrepreneurs Just Like You to Get 10 Times the Return on Their Delegation Investment! Want to Be Next?

“So how much will this cost, Melanie?”

The real question to ask yourself right now is … “How much is it costing me now NOT to have this information and proven system?”

How much is it costing you if your team isn’t properly staffed (or you don’t have a team at all)? Do you find yourself working all the time? Or, is your business in a constant state of feast and famine, you’re unable to get your cash flow under control because you’re either working like a maniac or desperately looking for work?

How much is it costing you to lose team members because you aren’t managing and/or leading them properly? How many of them quit because you’re too “difficult” to work with (although they won’t tell you that)?

How much is it costing you every time you hire the wrong team member? (I’d guess it’s at LEAST a couple of thousand between paying for someone who isn’t working out plus the grief and cost of not getting the work done)

Each day that you go without the support you need means:

  • Lost opportunities. How many leads, joint ventures or other opportunities have fallen through the cracks because you’re too busy with your day-to-day operations? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you want to weep … because you know that you’d be out there in the world a lot more if only you’d found the time to follow up on the opportunities that showed up (never mind what would happen if you actual went looking for opportunities).
  • Lost marketplace share. Listen, you have competitors out there. Some you already know. Others are just in the infancy stages of their business. Your business might be doing OK right now … but what’s going to happen in a year, or two or three? Well, if you don’t build your team, I can practically guarantee what will happen is your reputation will start to slip. Other professionals and companies are going to enter your field, and competing for your audience’s attention is going to get tougher. Putting in a team into place now will give you the precious time you need to market your business now, so that you become the first name that pops to mind when someone is looking for an expert in your field.
  • Lost revenue. Chances are good that your marketing and sales systems are producing only mediocre results … but you just don’t have time to fine tune them. You follow up with leads maybe once or twice because you’re disorganized (not that you have time anyway – you can barely find time to make one return call when someone wants information about your business). The hard reality is … you’ve let tens (maybe even hundreds) of thousands of dollars slip through your fingers.
  • Lost passion. Doing work that’s not your true calling doesn’t just waste your time. It sucks your energy and passion. If you’re feeling burned out and fed up, it’s not just that you’re overworked. It’s that you’re not doing work that feeds your soul.

Obviously, I don’t know exactly how much it costs you each year to not have the right support system in place. But I bet the number is at least in the 5-figures.

And if you are currently hiring employees or vendors, the number can soar even higher.

When you make a mistake hiring an employee, you lose all the money you paid them in wages. PLUS you now have the cost to find, hire and train the replacement. (Not to mention the stress and financial drain your business is experiencing because you STILL aren’t getting the work done!)

And even if you’re only outsourcing to vendors, the wrong pick can be a costly and painful mistake. Consider this…

Industry statistics show that the cost of one wrong hire to a small businesses bottom line is between $20,000 and $50,000. That includes the opportunity cost, time wasted and training dollars invested in a bad pick. That kind of money can be devastating to an entrepreneur.

But let’s make it personal for a minute. I had a client who hired the wrong bookkeeper. This bookkeeper completely dropped the ball and ended up not paying over $15,000 in bills. When my client discovered the problem, not only did she have to come up with that chunk of money that month, but there were late fees and interest piled on top of that (not to mention extra time the new bookkeeper put in to sort all everything out). PLUS she had paid this bookkeeper a good $2,500 for her time (although what the bookkeeper was actually doing remains a mystery to this day). My client easily lost $5,000 on the whole deal. How did she end up making this costly mistake? She was making one of the top five hiring mistakes!

I had another client who hired the wrong person to be a liaison to his clients. Not only did he pay this client liaison around $4,000, but this client liaison ended up losing 2 customers for him (plus he ended up refunding both those customers money back). That was easily a $7,000 loss. Yikes!

If I priced Build Your Dream Team at $60,000, I could easily justify the tuition because it could easily cost you far more then that while building your team.

But I know that $60K would put this program out of reach for many entrepreneurs (especially the ones who need this done-for-you system the most to break through to the next level of success).

What I’m most interested in today is not selling you something, but rather building a life-long relationship with you.

And even more, what gets me up in the morning are the calls and emails I get from my happy clients telling me I’ve changed their lives. When I attend conferences and run into my clients, they are eager to share their latest success story and praise me to others in the room (and there is no shortage of hugs either.) They tell me how they now have a life of freedom they’ve always dreamed of.

Because I am committed to helping entrepreneurs get off the treadmill, I want to do something special for you…

That’s why you’ll get access to the Build Your Dream Team and done-for-you templates for only 3 installments of $697. Put your deposit down today to secure your spot … and we’ll automatically bill the other two installments to your credit card, 30 and 60 days from now.

And if you’d prefer to save a little bit, go with the pay-in-full option. You’ll lock in your spot today for only $1,997.

3 x $698.33
Pay in full: $1,997

Register now

Either way … the tuition you’ll invest for Build Your Dream Team is a fraction of what you’re currently losing.

And you WILL have the opportunity to make your investment back and then some. Follow my advice and I guarantee you’ll see your investment come back to you – probably faster than even you would have believed possible.

Plus, the skills you’ll learn and tools you’ll gain are things you’ll use the rest of your career. The ROI you could gain from this investment is truly limitless.

Reserve My Place

“…a 300% ROI!”

“The resources from Build Your Dream Team resulted in a 300% ROI.”

Wendy Maynard
Kinesis Inc.

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“But Melanie…”

I know, I know…you have a reason why you believe that this program isn’t right for you. For the sake of your future success, please allow me to “debunk” some of the most common constraints that entrepreneurs share with me every day.

Smart-Idea1 “But what about time? I don’t have time to hire my first team member — much less take a 8-week program.” This system will actually SAVE you time in the long run, because I’m going to teach you tricks to shave off HOURS of research and HOURS off the hiring process. (Not to mention just having a team will free up so much time you may not recognize your life anymore!) How much time are you wasting now spinning your wheels? Isn’t it time to invest in a PROVEN system that will SAVE you hours of time in the long run?
Smart-Idea-150x150 “My budget is really tight and it’s just cheaper if I do things myself.” In the short term, you might be right. But here’s the truth…Growing your business requires 2 things from you:

  1. To invest in the tasks and activities to grow
  2. Someone to do them.

If YOU are the only one who can do the tasks to help you grow, then you are going to stay stuck EXACTLY where you are right now.

If you watch what 6- and 7-figure business owners do, they stay focused on their core competencies … and delegate everything else. If you think you’re the exception to that rule, then be prepared for a very long, hard journey to your dream business.

Smart-Idea-150x150 “I need to focus all my time and money on learning how to market.” This is one of my favorites. Why? Because it shows you how well marketing works. There is a saying that was started a long time ago by a marketing guru to get you to buy his stuff: “The only skill you ever need is marketing.” If you believe this, then you’ve been brainwashed by the marketers who want you to buy their stuff!Now, I’m not saying that marketing is not important. It’s vital when you need to grow to generate more leads.

But the truth is that to have a successful business in the six figures or beyond, you need to know how to grow your entire business – your leads, your team, your infrastructure and your revenue. And trust me on this one, knowing how to market is simple compared to knowing how to hire and manage a good team – until you discover these techniques that I’ve learned over the last decade.

Smart-Idea-150x150 “I don’t want a business where I have to manage people.” Yep, I don’t either. That’s why I learned how to hire the RIGHT people the first time and use simple systems to allow them to do what they do best …while I spend my time doing what I do best.If you are following the right team-building process, then you are delegating in a whole new way – a way that most people have never learned, even if they were trained in a former business how to hire and build a team.
Smart-Idea-150x150 “I’d rather do it myself than give up control.” Control is an illusion. And holding on tight, doing everything yourself so it’s perfect, is the fastest way to make sure you stay small. You can’t grow and not give up some control. My good friend Alexandria Brown once said, “I’d rather it get done 80% right than not get done at all.”It’s time to give up some control (and with the proper delegation techniques I’ll teach you, I promise that this is possible to do without giving up quality).

Successful people know what it takes to be successful. They’re willing to make the commitment, both the financial AND the time, to do what it takes to become even more successful. Are you ready to make that commitment?

Yes, Sign Me Up!

Your Investment Is Completely Protected by My Personal, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be a raving fan of the Build Your Dream Team Coaching program. I am so convinced this program will change your results I am giving you 30 days to put it to work. If after implementing the tools and following this system for 30 days you don’t feel it was worth at least 5 times the tuition, then I insist that you let me know so that I can refund every penny of your investment.

I’m willing to “put my money where my mouth is” because I’m 100% certain this system will work for you, just as it has for thousands of other entrepreneurs.

That’s fair, right?

Yes, Melanie – That’s Fair! Sign Me Up »


How Far Do You Want to Go … and How Quickly (and Easily) Do You Want to Get There?

I don’t know exactly what you envision for your business and life … but if you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, your dream is BIG.

You want to make a huge impact on the world. You want to be paid well, so that you can easily pay your bills, afford your dream lifestyle, and financially support the charities and causes close to your heart.

And you want an abundance of time freedom. So you can work. Play. Take excellent care of yourself. And nurture the people you love.

The only problem is … you haven’t been able to create this ideal life yet, have you?

The hard truth is … doing everything yourself isn’t working. You need a team – the right team. And you need to delegate – the right way.

This is especially true if you want to revolutionize a positive impact on the world and create massive wealth that you can use to make the world a better place. To create that kind of impact, you must learn to get more done through others.

Join me for Build Your Dream Team, and I’ll show you exactly how to build and manage a team of people who are superstars at what they do. People to whom you can delegate with total confidence that they’ll get the job done – on time, on budget, and correctly.

So you can focus on the tasks that light you on fire with passion, pursue the big opportunities that will leapfrog you to higher levels of success and position you as a leader in your industry, and finally turn your business into a revenue-generating machine that serves you, rather than imprisons you.

Over the past 14 years, I’ve learned the hard way what works – and what doesn’t – when building and managing a team. Take advantage of my hard-won experience and implement my step-by-step, done-for-you system to create your Dream Team in as little as week. Get started now.

To your success,


PS:     One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is waiting until it’s almost too late to start building their teams. By the time they finally DO decide to bring someone in, their business is one step away from collapsing – bills are piled up, invoices haven’t gone out, emails have gone unanswered, potential leads aren’t being followed up on, and paying work is falling through the cracks.If you recognize any of those red flags, you can’t afford to wait – especially in such a competitive economy. Each day you put off building your team, you’re losing money, hurting your reputation by providing subpar service, and risking valuable client relationships. Let me help you get the support you need to maximize your potential – and finally break through to the next level where money flows in automatically … and you get to spend your days doing what you love. Enroll now.
PPS:    Remember, you have a full year to use the system. If, after 30 days of actively working this program and applying what you’ve learned, you don’t agree it was worth the investment, I’ll refund every penny of your investment. There’s no way you can lose … unless you choose to tough it out and keep doing it all on your own. Lock in your spot here.